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3D model of Rosensteinviertel

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About the demonstration

This demonstration allows you to move around an area of Stuttgart in 2D and choose to view specific planning development areas in 3D.  You can then explore the 3D model.  You can choose between two different planning options and can also share your views in a discussion forum. The data in this demonstration is from the proposed redevelopment of the Rosensteinviertel area in Stuttgart.

With this tool you can:3D Participation Tool

  • move around and view information in 2D
  • select, view and move around a development proposal in 3D
  • choose between two alternative development options
  • comment on the proposals in a discussion forum
  • view a noise model in 3D (not yet available).

More about the noise models


  • IE 6 or Firefox 2.x
  • Bitmanagement Contact VRML/X3D  Version 6+ to view 3D scene (free download available)
  • Use OpenGL as renderer when possible

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Tool Development

The Stuttgart University of Applied Science developed this tool.